The birth of a Filipino citizen in Belgium or Luxembourg should be reported to and registered with the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) through this Embassy. The Report should be registered within 1 year from the date of birth of the child.

Basic Requirements:

The Report of Birth must be accomplished by either of the Filipino parents or the legally appointed guardian.

Requirements are as follows:

Note: Please do not staple your documents when submitting them to the attending officer/assistant at the consular window.

1. Duly accomplished Report of Birth forms in four (4) originals (Download Form HERE);

2. Original and three (3) photocopies of the Birth Certificate of the child (Extract from Birth Registration – international version) from the Commune/Gemeente (City Hall), apostillized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belgium or Luxembourg;

3. Present original and submit four (4) photocopies of DFA-authenticated Marriage Certificate of the parents, if married in the Philippines, OR Foreign Marriage Contract (Extract of Marriage Registration – international version) apostillized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belgium or Luxembourg;

4. If the parents are not legally married, additional requirements include:

• An Affidavit of Admission of Paternity to be executed by the father
   o Download template HERE
• An Affidavit to Use the Surname of the Father to be executed by the mother
   o Download template HERE
• A Certificate of Registration, which will be issued by the Embassy

* Each of the three aforementioned documents has a fee of €22.50 (to be paid in cash);

5. For parent/s who is/are dual citizens, four (4) photocopies of Order of Approval or Petition for Reacquisition of Philippine Citizenship, indicating the name of the child as a minor-beneficiary of the parent’s re-acquisition of Philippine citizenship;

6. For parent/s who was/were still (a) Filipino citizen/s at the time of the child’s birth but subsequently became a foreign national, proof of naturalization (e.g., Certificate of Nationality, with sworn translation in English), which indicates the exact date and place of naturalization;

6. Four (4) photocopies of parents’ valid passports and identity cards; and

7. Report of Birth fee: €22.50 (to be paid in cash).

*If parent/s opt/s to have the applicant’s copy mailed back to their place of residence, a self-addressed, registered-mail return envelope with the appropriate type and number of stamps must also be submitted to the Consular Officer/Assistant.

Additional requirements for the delayed registration of Report of Birth:

(For registration beyond 1 (one) year from the date of birth of the child)

• Original Affidavit for Delayed Registration signed by the mother/parents
   o Download template of Affidavit (for mother) HERE
   o Download template of Joint Affidavit (for both parents) HERE
• Notarial fee: €22.50 (to be paid in cash)

Important Instructions in Filling Out the Report of Birth Form

• Please leave the Date of Registration and Registry Number fields blank. The Embassy will fill out this part.
• Please do not forget to affix by hand the signature in the field provided for Signature of Informant and the date and place of signature at the bottom of the form.
• If filling out the form by hand, please write legibly and please use BLOCK CAPITAL letters.

Once the application is processed, the Embassy forwards the Report of Birth to PSA in the Philippines. Applicants may retrieve the PSA-certified birth certificate in the Philippines a minimum of three (3) months after reporting the birth to the Embassy.

For more information on how to lodge an e-apostille application for Belgium-issued civil registry documents from the city hall or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belgium, please visit the following webpage: