The following are the minimum requirements for a 9(E) Visa application for diplomatic or official passport holders/Foreign Government Officials (FGO):

     1. Duly accomplished visa application form (Download F.A. Form No. 2-A HERE);

     2. One (1) passport-size (4.5cm x 3.5cm) photograph taken within the last six (6) months;

   3. Passport with validity of at least six (6) months after the intended stay in the Philippines, AND one (1) photocopy of the passport’s data page;

     4. Photocopy of identity/residence card;

     5. Copy of return/onward airline reservation ticket or flight booking confirmation; and

     6. Authority Approval from Manila OR Note Verbale from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or sending foreign Embassy stating the nature of travel, designation/position of the concerned official and the inclusive dates of travel.

N.B. We shall process your request within 10 business days, provided that all submitted requirements are complete and valid.