There are an estimated 1,000 Filipinos residing in Luxembourg.  Many Filipinos are married to local Luxembourgish.  Meanwhile, other Filipinos work as private domestic helpers and service attendants in hotels and restaurants.  A few work as accountants in various financial institutions.  Around 40% of this figure has been identified as undocumented.  Luxembourg does not readily issue work permits to foreigners due to its stringent immigration and labor policy, despite a considerable demand for domestic service staff. 

Filipinos are generally well-liked by their employers because of their honesty, industry and the good quality of their work.   They are protected under the Luxembourg labor laws which provide adequate protection to workers, and ensure that working conditions are at par with generally accepted standards.

At present, there are three (3) active Filipino community organizations in Luxembourg namely:  Letzebuergesch-Philippinesch Aktioun Fir Den Development (LPAD), Philippines-Luxembourg Society, and Samahan ng mga Pilipino sa Luxembourg asbl.